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Infrascale File Sharing
Secure File Sharing & Collaboration

Infrascale File Sharing

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Control file sharing and collaborationOverview:

Control file sharing and collaboration
Control file sharing and collaboration

Create and manage your customers’ cloud:
Free public cloud sync services undermine an organization’s IT department and their ability to manage security consistently within a large business. By instituting a private cloud, your customer will be aware of the architecture of a virtualized environment.

Infrascale security doesn’t stop at encryption
Infrascale security doesn't stop at encryption

Infrascale security doesn't stop at encryptionControl the tools you use: Infrascale’s file sharing module empowers and enables you to allow your customers’ IT managers to take control of who accesses a document or folder, who can share, and who can preview each file. IT managers can set up initial rules and modify them as corporate needs change.

Control usage and permissions: Department managers can use the permissions, monitoring, and reporting flexibility of the private cloud to observe employee behavior and improve productivity. The IT department can grant certain administrative permissions to department managers, and allow them to monitor employee activities through notifications and reporting.

Manage notifications: Manage and regulate group notifications, file sharing, file access, commenting, and the amount of storage used by each licensed user.

Accurate Audit ReportingAccurate Audit Reporting
Accurate Audit Reporting

While government compliance regulations may vary by industry, audit reports are a common requirement. Creating an online collaboration environment with software that allows for audit trail reporting allows you to avoid the stealth cloud and implement regular reporting rules.

Support Single Sign-on Through LDAP IntegrationSupport Single Sign-on Through LDAP Integration
Support Single Sign-on Through LDAP Integration

Keeping login credentials in one, manageable location, improves organizational security – particularly for your customers with employees in geographically disparate locations. An online collaboration environment with software that allows for audit trail reporting allows your customers to avoid the lack of security born from free sync and share solutions, while implementing regular reporting rules.

Make collaboration accessible
Make collaboration accessibleMake collaboration accessible

Infrascale makes collaboration work: Groupware doesn’t have to be limited to a specific department or identified as a solution to improve the productivity of individuals in unique roles. Collaboration in the secure cloud can be used by an entire organization and is inexpensive to deploy. Deployment on a physical or virtual machine can allow thousands of employees to access the same data, securely, with the same collaboration software.

Today’s businesses must work worldwide: Employees across departments, around the world, need not swap multiple versions of files to complete a presentation or process flow – or even use email to work together on projects in real-time. Making Infrascale available to your customers’ organizations will reduce the time to communicate an idea and complete a project.

Secure File and Folder Syncing
Secure File and Folder Syncing

Secure File and Folder SyncingEnd-to-end encrypted syncing: Infrascale allows each licensed user to securely sync files from multiple folders on their desktop. Once the sync begins, Infrascale will encrypt the folders and files before sending them to the cloud. While in transit data remains encrypted and is sent through a secured 256-bit SSL tunnel. Once it is in the cloud, it is encrypted again. It remains encrypted at 256-bit AES for its life in the cloud.

Access and share synced folders: Once a folder or file is safe and secure in the cloud, users will be able to view, edit, and comment on data in the cloud. Eliminate the restrictions of email by sending secure links to large files with Infrascale.

Unlimited VersioningUnlimited Versioning
Unlimited Versioning

Regulation compliant unlimited versioning:
Infrascale allows complete versioning and archiving control. Access files by version history and upload new versions of files. Deletion of previous versions is not required, but it is optional.


Keep up to date with activities: Using notifications, department managers can monitor team activities and manage projects between individuals. Notifications are available for file sharing, downloading, commenting, and editing.

Large File SharingLarge File Sharing
Large File Sharing

Some important files are just too big for email: Infrascale is a secure alternative to free file-sending services. Your customers’ files can be sent to clients or associates who may not have direct access to the secure cloud, but still need to receive a document from a user with an account. Eliminate the size of EDB files on an Exchange server by sending large files securely with Infrascale.

Collaboration with Infrascale File Sharing:

Filelocker file sharing

Truly secure cloud collaboration for your entire customer base

Infrascale makes collaboration work: Groupware doesn’t have to be limited to a specific department or identified as a solution to improve the productivity of individuals in unique roles. Collaboration in the secure cloud can be used by an entire organization and is inexpensive to deploy. Deployment on a physical or virtual machine can allow thousands of users to access the same data, securely, with the same collaboration software.

Today’s businesses must work worldwide: Your customers’ employees across departments, around the world, need not swap multiple versions of files to complete a presentation or process flow – or even use email to work together on projects in real-time. Reduce the time to communicate an idea and complete a project by making Infrascale available to your entire customer base.

Document CollaborationDocument Collaboration

Simple and secure document collaboration: Infrascale was built with secure document collaboration at the core of its functionality. Users can work together on projects by syncing or manually uploading documents, sharing secure links to files, accessing files anywhere in the world, securely editing and previewing files, and commenting on files all within the Infrascale file sharing module.

  • Sync with a desktop folder
  • Share files and folders
  • Send secure links
  • Preview documents in nearly any file format
  • Edit documents in the cloud

Centralized administrative management: All of these features can be regulated on a user by user basis by an administrator. These actions can also be tracked by a manager or team leader with the group notifications tool.

Open source plug-ins: Plug-ins are available to view all MS Office documents, PDFs, CAD files, and image files.

Eliminate File Sharing Via Email

Eliminate File Sharing Via Email

Securely send encrypted files: Many teams need to share large files across offices or even within the same offices. This is often not permitted by email services. Infrascale replaces single-use file sharing systems or free and unsecure file sharing solutions by allowing users to create secure permalinks to individual files and folders.

How is Infrascale File Sharing Different?

Infrascale File Sharing encrypts your files from the beginning, all the way to the end.

End-to-end encryption: Infrascale’s unique end-to-end encryption system is unlike anything found in the sync and share universe. While similar tools may offer a one or two layers of encryption, Infrascale offers triple encryption through this unique process:

  • Infrascale triggers encryption, through the acknowledgement of the user, when a sync starts.
  • The data then remains encrypted on its quick trip to the cloud.
  • Finally when stored, in your cloud or ours, it is encrypted again at rest in the data center.

As seen below, the Infrascale difference is that files are encrypted at 256bit AES, transferred over a 256bit SSL, and finally remain ecrypted upon storage. With Infrascale’s UltraSafe option, a separate passphrase is used to generate an encryption key which is stored locally, only known to the user. UltraSafe is an ideal option for users who have files with sensitive information. UltraSafe files stay confidential, they cannot be accessed by anyone without the privately held key, not even the account administrator.

End-to-end encryption

Private Cloud DeploymentsPrivate Cloud Deployments:

Introduce secure collaboration to your entire customer base, inside your own network.

Your technology, hardware and your software solutions are all assets used to make your customer offerings more expansive. Make your data center and your network the ultimate asset by using it to host your Infrascale deployment.

How will deployment work?

Deploy Infrascale as a Virtual Appliance

Infrascale File SharingInfrascale File Sharing can be deployed in an existing data center, on a server that can be repurposed for the installation of a virtual machine. In this environment, Infrascale can capitalize on the horsepower already contained within the existing data center and deliver an internal application as a service to employees. Conserve the energy of the data center and IT staff by installing the software as a virtual appliance in a simple three step process.

  • Set up a virtualized environment
  • Download a VMware player or VMware servers from
  • Download the Infrascale File Sharing virtual appliance
  • Install your virtual appliance

Infrascale File Sharing can be securely deployed in nearly any virtualized environment. Data will always be encrypted locally, in transit, and at rest in your cloud (or our cloud or any cloud).

  • Windows Hyper V
  • VMware
  • XenServer
  • VMWare ESXi
  • OpenVZ
  • KVM

Infrascale File Sharing Private Cloud Technical RequirementsInfrascale File Sharing Private Cloud Technical Requirements

In order to deploy Infrascale’s collaboration software in your own data center, you will need the following:

Technical Requirements

  • At least 5Mbit/s burstable bandwidth
  • At least 8GB of RAM for the VM to run
  • At least Quad-Core 2.13GHz CPU dedicated
  • Storage: any storage that can be exposed to the VM as iSCSI or CIFS storage

Why create your own private cloud?Why create your own private cloud?

Private cloud deployment can help you maximize the power of your existing data center.

  • Deploy in house and use existing equipment
  • Create your own virtual machines for deployment
  • Create your own physical machines for deployment
  • Maximize the investment in your internal data center

Eliminate Large File Sharing Via Email

Eliminate Large File Sharing Via Email

Your customers’ Exchange servers are home to millions and possibly billions of emails. These documents take up large amounts of storage and are often less secure than administrators and executives would want. Infrascale allows individual uploads up to 2GB in size.

  • Infrascale file sharing sends files with secure links
  • Eliminate the use of single-use file sharing tools
  • House your team’s many projects in one system, in one network
  • Maximize the investment in your internal data center

SharePoint Integration:

Integrate SharePoint with Infrascale to add secure and encrypted file sharing to your customer base.

Infrascale aims to add enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration capabilities to businesses of any size that are reliant upon SharePoint’s document management functionality. Integration is simple and will add tools that enhance productivity and security.

Encryption Desktop Sync Mobile access


Infrascale will encrypt data sent to a public or private cloud, in any network. Data will be encrypted at 256 bit SSL and 256 bit AES through our unique double blind encryption system.

 Desktop Sync

Infrascale’s desktop app allows users to select which files and folders sync to the cloud. Everything put in the sync folder goes directly to the cloud, users can sync as many as they need.

Mobile access

Access files made available for sharing with native Infrascale applications on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. Access from anywhere in the world.

Creating secure BYOD policies in a SharePoint Organization

Creating secure BYOD policies in a SharePoint OrganizationSometimes your customers just don’t want files to be able to be shared. Infrascale is unlike many file sharing tools, in that the user can select to never make it possible to share a file. This may seem antithetical to the solution, but in fact, it is necessary. Securing files in a firm means that its administrators must embrace the idea that some data just shouldn’t be able to be shared.

But when files are shared, they should be watched closely. Infrascale enables data stored in SharePoint to be monitored. Your customers’ designated administrators will have access to device management tools as well as reporting on file usage and account usage.

Ensure that your customers’ BYOD policies are capable of being enforced when you enhance SharePoint with Infrascale.

  • Device management: Ability to force approval of devices, even by browser, for each user. Each time a user attempts to access Infrascale File Sharing from a new location, their access will be prevented until the device or browser is approved. Approval can be revoked at any time.
  • File monitoring: Monitor downloads, uploads, and modifications made to files across an entire organization. Download these reports for audit trail purposes.
  • User monitoring: Report on logins, downloads, uploads, edits and deletions by user for a specific date range.
  • LDAP/AD integration: Connect with the LDAP/AD server to ensure that access to Infrascale and its contents are controlled from a central location.

Sharing’s SharePoint IntegrationHow Infrascale File Sharing’s SharePoint Integration Works

You will work with Infrascale’s support team to set up their first integration.  The process is a simple act of connecting Infrascale File Sharing to the company’s existing SharePoint server.

  1. Determine if the organization needs to integrate SharePoint with Infrascale File Sharing at a company, group, or individual user level
  2. Create a unique Infrascale File Sharing folder. Preferably before creating any others.
  3. Select the SharePoint folders you wish to import.
  4. A prompt will request the SharePoint server credentials.

SharePointHow SharePoint content will appear

Once SharePoint has been connected to your Infrascale instance by the administrator – SharePoint content appears as native content.

User permissions: Users can read, download, preview, upload, comment, and share SharePoint content as if it was native Infrascale content.

SharePoint Linked Folders: Connects SharePoint data with mobile, and desktop apps. This allows mobile workers to easily sync SharePoint content down to their local device of choice.

Device management: Access can be controlled by the built-in device approval system – that allows the administrator to determine which users can use which devices with the software.

How Infrascale File Sharing will enhance an existing SharePoint

Infrascale File Sharing will add the following tools to SharePoint, enabling your customers’ to share their files more securely and with greater flexibility.

  Sharepoint Infrascale
Document storage
Local encryption
In transit & at rest encryption
Desktop sync
Android, iPhone, & Windows Phone Access
In-cloud editing
In-cloud preview

The Infrascale and SharePoint configuration

Infrascale and SharePoint configuration

Infrascale File Sharing Competitive Comparison:

Infrascale File Sharing was created to keep files safe – no matter where users are sharing them or storing them. What makes Infrascale truly different is its security: unlike many competitive solutions, Infrascale encrypts data end-to-end, starting with private key encryption on the client side. From there, Infrascale sends data through a 256 bit SSL tunnel and encrypts it again at 256 bit AES encryption in the cloud. Infrascale can also be deployed in any network and behind the firewall.

Scroll down to learn more about what makes Infrascale File Sharing a truly secure cloud collaboration tool.

  Infrascale File Sharing Box for Business Dropbox for Business Sharepoint
Storage Unlimited Unlimited 1000 GB  
Free Offering 10GB/ 1 user 5GB/ 1 user 5GB/ 1 user  
Security Features
Private cloud deployable  
Encrypt locally prior to transit Third party
Encrypt in transit Third party
Encrypt in the data center Third party
Collaboration Features
Desktop Sync
Search uploaded files
Sort your files by title, size, date modified
File viewer
(Photoshop, CAD, images)
Automatic notifications
Edit documents in the cloud
Password protect permalinks
Mobile Apps
Android Third party
iPhone Third party
iPad Third party
Windows Phone Third party
Administrative Controls
Audit trail reporting
LDAP Integration Okta & OneLogin
Change storage quotas by account
Restrict/control external access
Set permissions/ control who can view items
Create incoming folders
Set company wide file retention policies
Administrative dashboard
Outbound API call integration
Crowd sourced roadmap
Video tutorials
Account management
Online ticketing
Phone support Third party