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Infrascale Platform
One data protection platform to rule them all

Infrascale Platform

Our Data Protection Platform is the only comprehensive solution for cloud backup, archive, disaster recovery, and file sharing. Instead of having several different systems to solve these challenges, we offer a complete data protection platform to manage it all, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of protecting data.

Whether you're looking to host in our cloud, your cloud, or a hybrid of the two, there are flexible hosting options available – also including the Infrascale Data Protection Appliance. These cloud-connected appliances are available as physical or virtual appliances, providing incredible de-duplication technology and allowing for on premise data protection with exceptionally fast recovery time. Learn more about the Infrascale Data Protection Platform.


Our Comprehensive Data Protection Platform is an All-In-One Cloud Solution for MSP’s.

The Infrascale Platform has been purpose built for complete data protection and high volume cloud storage. We enable our partners and enterprise customers to perform a broad scope of data protection services including: server backup, endpoint backup, data archive, file sharing, and disaster recovery. Our unique technology allows for massively scalable endpoint coverage, from smartphones to servers and everything in-between. Infrascale currently powers over 1,000 independent cloud brands, and protects billions of data objects traversing millions of servers, PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Take a better look at the platform here:

Comprehensive Data Protection Platform

Comprehensive Data Protection Platform

Software Defined Infrastructure

Enterprise today is redefining the data center to meet business needs. Cloud services enable businesses to manage the massive volumes of information generated, deliver new opportunities, and more rapidly meet the needs of its technologically sophisticated customers. This operational and application transformation improves efficiencies and drives greater business value. By shifting to a software-centric IT operations model and virtualizing the majority of hardware, Infrascale's Software Defined Infrastructure™ brings huge economic gains to business.

Infrascale's platform replaces traditional hardware storage with cloud-backed virtual software objects. Infrascale's modular and flexible platform offers solutions in the Software (SaaS), Platform (PaaS), and Infrastructure (IaaS) level with the most complete flexibility to work with our infrastructure- or your existing software and infrastructure. By offering solutions throughout the multi-cloud layers, we make cloud storage easy, secure and inexpensive for our customers.

Software Defined Infrastructure Deployment

Secure: Security is core to Infrascale's solutions. Our software encrypts data end-to-end, including while at rest. This 'double-blind' encryption means that we cannot access the data users put into our system unlike others, such as Google or Dropbox.

Complete: In addition to our platform, we offer several application-level solutions that run on top of the Infrascale platform. There are three key pieces of the Infrascale platform, including: Infrascale Backup, a secure online backup and storage solution for servers and applications. FileLocker, a secure file sharing and collaboration solution. Endguard, secure endpoint data protection and device management. Infrascale offers one platform that you can adopt for all of your customer's file sharing, backup, and data protection needs.

Efficient: Infrascale's software has been used in our own distributed cloud to achieve efficiencies that translate into a price that is up to 90% less than on-premise converged storage. Traditional enterprise storage from NetApp or EMC can cost as much as $4.00/GB per year. Infrascale's costs are a small fraction of this – well below even simple cloud storage vendors such as Amazon S3.

Key SolutionsKey Solutions:

Infrascale’s broad scope of data protection services provides a truly complete all-in-one solution

Server backup | Endpoint backup | Data archive | File SharingDisaster Recovery

  • Backup and recovery for file servers, email servers, application servers, database servers
  • Endpoint backup and recovery for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Long-term data archive through high volume cloud storage with robust retention and replication
  • Complete Disaster Recovery for business continuity
  • File Sharing and Collaboration with web app, desktop sync, and mobile app

Operating System Support:

Infrascale technology works across a variety of endpoints

Physical and virtual servers | Desktop & laptop workstations | Mobile devices, tablets & smartphones


  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux/Unix
  • VMWare
  • Netware


  • SQL
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint


  • PCs
  • Macs


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
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Hosting & Deployment:

Infrascale delivers flexible control and deployment options that can span any mix of the global Infrascale cloud, enterprise private clouds, and third-party clouds.

Our cloud | Your cloud | Any cloud

Hosting & Deployment

Platform Deployment:

Platform Deployment