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Infrascale Backup/DRaaS
Capacity-based, Subscription licensing

Monthly cloud failover subscription

What's included?

  • Hardware/Software to support service (sized for 3 year growth; pay-as-you-consume model)
  • 24x7 Technical Support & ongoing maintenance
  • Ongoing platform training for EUs & partners
  • Remote Implementation support
  • Complimentary Hardware Refresh* (Infrascale always makes sure the customer has the right HW to support the our cost!)

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All inclusive cloud

Customers Benefit From:

  • Unrestricted cloud usage in event of disaster
  • 24x7 Technical Support, 2hr SLA - Accessible through partner or Infrascale directly
  • No transactional charges to push/pull data to and from the cloud
  • No additional hidden costs for actually using the cloud (vRAM, vCPU, Bandwidth all included in flat monthly cost)
  • Unlimited, free, Non-disruptive DR testing (self-service or Infrascale assisted)
  • No Time Limit for DR in the cloud-run as long as needed in a disaster
  • 15 minute RTO for their entire environment
  • No charge for backup retention on the platform, neither local or in cloud. Only pay for protected data